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Mission Statement

RRA vision

“To become a world-class efficient and modern revenue agency, fully financing national needs.”

RRA mission statement

“Mobilise revenue for economic development through efficient and equitable services that promote business growth.”

RRA core strategic values

• Integrity;

• Customer focus;

• Transparency;

• Professional Service delivery;

• Teamwork.

RRA mandate

The Rwanda Revenue Authority was established under law N° 15/97 of 8 November 1997 as a quasi-autonomous body charged with the task of assessing, collecting, and accounting for tax, customs and other specified revenues. This is achieved through effective administration and enforcement of the laws relating to those revenues. In addition, it is mandated to collect non-tax revenues.

The Authority is also responsible for providing advice to the Government on tax policy matters relating to revenue collections. It performs other duties in relation to tax administration, as may be directed from time to time by the Cabinet.

The Authority was established as part of the reform programme by the Government of Rwanda designed to restore and strengthen the main economic institutions of the country. Additionally, the Government wanted to improve its resource mobilisation capacity while providing the public with better quality and courteous services. In a bid to mobilise more resources the Authority is therefore required to assist taxpayers in understanding and meeting their tax obligations thus raising their compliance.

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