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About RRA

Interpretation of RRA new Logo

The Structure This includes the shape and type of the logo in a rose form. The structure symbolizes three elements: Unity and Equity; Growth and Development; and Prosperity. Colors The (...) Read more >>

History of RRA

The history of taxes in Rwanda indicates that the first tax legislation was inherited from colonial regimes. This tax legislation included the Ordinance of August 1912, which established (...) Read more >>

Mission Statement

RRA vision “To become a world-class efficient and modern revenue agency, fully financing national needs.” RRA mission statement “Mobilise revenue for economic development through efficient and (...) Read more >>

Board of Directors

The RRA is governed by a Board of Directors under a Board Chairperson who is appointed by the Prime Minister on the recommendation of the Cabinet. The Board is responsible for the formulation and (...) Read more >>

Law establishing RRA

Law N° 08/2009 of 27/04/2009 determining the organisation,, functioning and responsibilities of Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA). Read more >>

Organization Structure

RRA organization structure

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